Petrol prices reach six-month high

Increasing price of oil concept

Petrol prices reached a six-month high ahead of the Easter Long weekend.

According to motoring organisations, the rise in prices was caused by a rise in global oil prices.

The average price for unleaded petrol jumped to 5.5 cents to 150 cents per litre, bringing it to its highest level in six months.

Average prices in metropolitan areas rose by 7.1 cents to 152.4 cents per litre.

Unleaded 95 has also been spotted at cost of 170.9 cents per litre.

Commsec Senior Economist Ryan Felsman said: “Motorists would’ve experienced some petrol pump pain as they hit the road for the Easter holiday break”.

“Last week, the average price of unleaded petrol rose in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney by between 12.8-16.0 cents a litre,” Mr Felsman said.

“Across the capital cities, unleaded petrol prices are currently in a range of $1.44-$1.55 a litre. Just two months ago, prices were around $1.20 a litre.”

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