Petrol prices to drop

Just a week out from Christmas and petrol prices are expected to fall.

According to, a crash in global oil prices is responsible for the price drop.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said: “We’ve had a pretty rough 2018 but for the last few weeks we’ve started to see prices turn. You’re now starting to see it at the bowser in time for Christmas,” he said.

“Prices should fall right through the Christmas period into the new year. To give you an idea, Sydney is 129.5 cents per litre and it’ll fall to about 116 cents. Melbourne is 129.4, Brisbane 131.4 and Adelaide is 124.8, so they’re all falling, just at different rates.”

“There are bargains anyway — the cheapest in Sydney at the moment is 111 cents for regular unleaded — but our advice is, if you’re leaving the capitals, to fill up before you leave. You’re probably going to find better bargains in the city at this point than regional areas,” reported.

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