Pink Grapefruit Mint newest addition to 28 BLACK energy range

The latest addition to the 28 BLACK range of energy drinks: Pink Grapefruit Mint.

Level Beverages have released a new Pink Grapefruit Mint flavour variant of their 28 BLACK natural energy drink just in time for summer. The taurine-free beverage uses natural caffeine, no preservatives or artificial colours and is gluten free and vegan friendly.

Level Beverages managing director Chrish Graebner said 28 BLACK offers a refreshing choice for consumers seeking a premium and less synthetic energy drink.

“Our newest flavour [Pink Grapefruit Mint] is by far my favourite and is a great mixer. The unique flavour caters for those who love a good tang and partners up well with rum. With a light and refreshing taste our 28 BLACK is a premium, less synthetic energy drink,” Mr Graebner said.

28 BLACK Pink Grapefruit Mint energy drink is available now for an RRP of $3.75 at Caltex and BP.

Ten cents from the sale of each can of 28 BLACK Pink Grapefruit will be donated to The McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation raises money to place breast care nurses in communities across Australia and to increase breast awareness in young Australians.

For further information on 28 BLACK, please visit the Level Beverages website: ( and, if you are over 18, click on the Mixology tab for cocktail ideas.)

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