Plant-based food company v2food set to expand into P&C

Australian plant-based food company, v2food, has big plans for 2021, with the opening of a new $20m factory and a move into the petrol and convenience channel on the horizon.

After just six months in the retail market, Australian-based company v2food (v2) has already established itself as one of the top plant-based meat brands in Australia.

Until now the business has been focused on building distribution through retail, QSR and broader food service channels, but Nick Hazell, Founder and CEO of v2, has told C&I that they are actively seeking partners to expand into the P&C channel from H2 2021.

“We believe having the right range of plant-based products particularly in food-on-the-go categories will be important for retailers to tap into this growing trend. We are keen to support this category by collaborating and building strong partnerships.”

Currently available in Coles, Woolworths, and Drakes, v2 has a great range of plant-based v2burgers and v2mince that are consistent top performers in the plant-based meat categories, and this month they will also launch v2sausages.

“We are excited to bring Aussie’s a classic favourite they know and love in a plant-based form. Following the success of our v2mince and v2burgers, which launched in Coles, Woolworths and Drakes Supermarkets last year, v2sausages are our first new product innovation.

“We are hoping to capture the rapidly growing plant-based sausage market, which is estimated to reach US$1 billion by the end of 2021.”

A key goal for v2 in 2021 will also be in developing its Australian-made supply chain with a new $20 million factory in Wodonga soon to be unveiled.

“We want to be made in Australia and export around the world as a great national manufacturing story,” says Hazell.

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