Power Your Hydration & Health with ALKA POWER

Australia’s leading, premium alkaline water, ALKA POWER, has brought to market their new-look packaging, which are available from Woolworths and leading health food stores nationally. With a pH of 9-10, ALKA POWER is the highest pH alkaline water in the Australian market, designed to provide ultimate hydration, balancing the body’s pH and promoting overall better health.

The first and only true ionic alkaline spring water in the country, ALKA POWER is 100% Australian made and owned, operated from the Southern Highlands, NSW, where the water is bottled at the source using only pristine, spring water. The water is naturally infused with ethically-sourced marine-based minerals and electrolytes for faster absorption and hydration.

Owner and CEO of ALKA POWER, Steve Pettaras, became intrigued with the health benefits of alkaline water after being introduced to it by a friend. After researching thoroughly about the alkaline water industry, Steve discovered ALKA POWER, which was created by biochemist Randy Park, and took over the business in 2012, building an established and trusted brand.

“ALKA POWER is the highest and most stable pH alkaline water on the market, and we’re proud to produce and supply Australians with a trusted, premium product they can enjoy. pH balance in the body is our first and best line of defence against sickness and disease, and ALKA POWER can effectively and efficiently balance your body’s pH,” said Steve Pettaras.

For optimum health, our bodies need to maintain a good level of alkalinity, typically between 7.35-7.45, and drinking alkaline water regularly is the perfect way to help achieve this level and continued pH. The active minerals in ALKA POWER provide a clean, crisp, refreshing taste, and helps balance your body’s pH.

ALKA POWER’s patented 7-step process removes fluoride, chlorine and other impurities and also contains five natural electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphate, hydrating at a cellular level to provide longer-lasting hydration.

The ALKA POWER bottles are sold in two sizes – 600mL (RRP from $2.00) and 1.5L (RRP from $3.50), and are available to purchase from Woolworths nationwide, as well as leading health food stores and independent grocers across Australia. For more information on ALKA POWER and to find a stockist, visit: www.alkapower.com.au, or follow on Instagram @ALKAPOWER and Facebook: @ALKAPOWERAustralia.

To support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, ALKA POWER has created a limited edition pink 600mL and 1.5L bottle, with $0.10 from every purchase being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund valuable, game-changing research – available in Woolworths nationwide.

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