Powerade launch new flavour

Coca-Cola South Pacific has announced it will launch its newest flavour of Powerade.

The new flavour will be the latest addition to the Powerade ION4 range and forms part of the brand strategy to continue to drive innovation.

Powerade ION4 Pineapple Storm + Coconut water offers a new twist on the hydrating beverage, combining the fruity flavour with the benefits of coconut water.

Coca-Cola South Pacific brand manager operations hydration portfolio Bridget Slipper said: “The expansion of the POWERADE ION4 range to include POWERADE Pineapple Storm ION4 + Coconut Water is an exciting step forward. This launch provides an opportunity to demonstrate the innovation inherent to Powerade to new and existing customers”.

“We’re excited to share what Powerade has to offer in a new flavour as part of our strategy to drive growth through the continual refinement of our hydration and sport drinks range,” Ms Slipper said.

POWERADE Pineapple Storm ION4 + Coconut Water is available nationwide in all major and independent retailers in a 600ml serve for a limited time only.


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