Probiotic drink ready for national release

PerkiiBottles on yoga matBrisbane start-up PERKii is firmly focused on the delivery of a truly healthy beverage and following extensive trials is launching its probiotic drink to the market.

Along with a growing list of national stockists, PERKii is now available nationally from more than 300 Caltex Woolworths convenience sites.

PERKii CEO Randy Milne
PERKii CEO Randy Milne

Initial sales results were “double expectations” according to CEO Randolph (Randy) Milne, a former national business manager at Coca-Cola Amatil.

Mr Milne told C&I Week an initial ranging at Woolworths Metro stores in Bondi and Surry Hills in Sydney saw the product rapidly exceed the ranging criteria for Woolworths without marketing support.

PERKii now plans to ramp up its marketing over the next few months through PR and social media channels, with a range of activities including free trial offers.

Packaged in a 300ml bottle, PERKii is available in three flavours: Green Tea and Elderflower, Lime and Coconut and Raspberry and Pomegranate.

PERKii delivers live and protected probiotics in an 85 per cent water-based drink with a small amount of natural flavour, contains only 26 calories and just one and a half teaspoons of sugar from apples.

PERKii has been created by scientists at The University of Queensland (UQ). Mr Milne has also led a series of successful market trials across South-East Queensland.

Since trials commenced in September 2015, PERKii has attracted national attention, and was invited to participate in the Wstart program ( by Woolworths in recognition of its product innovation.

CEO Randy Milne watching the first bottles of PERKii come off the production line
Mr Milne watching the first bottles of PERKii come off the production line

Mr Milne, who has overseen the start of full-scale production, said: “During this trial period, PERKii has received a lot of positive feedback from outlets and customers looking for a delicious, low calorie, lactose-free probiotic drink that targets the digestive system”.

Using world-first patented Progel™ technology, developed by UQ Professor Bhesh Bhandari, microgels are tiny natural beads that encapsulate the probiotic to ensure its safe passage through the acidic stomach environment to ensure it reaches the lower digestive system. There is no other probiotic drink that can boast the use of this technology.

PERKii has now secured a number of high net worth investors including Uniseed, UniQuest and the Brisbane Angels.

On the securing of investors, Mr Milne said: “We are excited and extremely proud to be associated with this calibre of investor. Their experience and ability to grow successful companies is evident and we are sure PERKii will continue to grow and achieve new successes with the support of this group.”

With a number of distributors now in place, convenience retailers wishing to stock PERKii can contact Mr Milne direct on 0478 098 303 or by clicking here.

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