Protein2o promise great-tasting protein, without the calories

Protein2o_Group_Final LOW res In today’s market of the calorie-conscious mass consumer, many seek to avoid conventional protein products that replace almost every calorie the hour-long workout only just managed to burn. And it’s here that the gap in the market has been successfully filled with the launch of Protein2o, says the Australian Sales Director, Adrian Gastevski of Direct Brand Distributors.

This unique product leads a new generation of lifestyle protein products that are low in calories, containing a mere 70 ‘good for you’ calories (60 of which are derived directly from pure protein and the balance from natural colours and flavours) making this product 60% lower in calories than the leading protein drink on the market today.

“We are very excited to have Protein2o join our portfolio from the US where it has enjoyed a third place ranking in consumer intention to purchase for 2015, outselling some 96% of major brands in both water and CSD categories” said Mr. Gastevski

With the category of liquid protein set to grow in 2016 by a further 16% and 44% by 2018 there is little doubt why this product has been so successful in the US and why it has Australian retailers buzzing with excitement.

“Retailers want products that will grow the category and not simply cannibalise the existing brands and our studies from existing US stores demonstrate that this product is one of very few that is doing just that” said Mr. Gastevski in reference to the success Protein2o has enjoyed within almost every major national US retailer.

Protein2o benefits from a hydraulised new generation protein which is better absorbed with less side effects than standard whey. The developers found through their research that the mass market wanted more protein in their daily diets to build lean muscle, but didn’t want to exceed 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day.


Protein2o is sugar-free and lactose-free containing a blend of whey protein and hydraulised collagen, natural flavours and fruit and vegetable juice and is sweetened with sucralose and available in three flavours: berry, grape and lemon. Its slimline packaging is deliberately gender neutral, designed for a mass market appeal and the product has an RRP of $4.99.


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