Public health campaign ignores low-sugar options

A new campaign launched by Live Lighter informing the public of the sugar content of frozen drinks did not take 7-Eleven’s popular low-sugar option into consideration.

7-Eleven’s Slurpee Zilched is Australia’s only low-sugar frozen carbonated beverage. With less than 1% sugar, a large cup of Slurpee Zilched contains less than half a teaspoon of sugar.

7-Eleven’s head of marketing  Julie Laycock said: “Slurpee Zilched is proving to be extremely popular with consumers of all ages, and growing strongly”.

“One in every five Slurpees sold is a Slurpee Zilched containing less than 1% sugar,” she said.

Slurpee Zilched is available on at least one tap in every 7-Eleven store, with a range of nearly twenty delicious flavours rotated throughout the year such as Watermelon Punch, Lychee, Wildberry, and Lemon, Lime & Bitters.

“In response to growing consumer demand, in around 130 of our larger stores, we have converted a second regular Slurpee tap to Slurpee Zilched, offering two Slurpee Zilched flavours and giving consumers even greater choice,” Ms Laycock said.

“7-Eleven is proud of our industry-leading Slurpee Zilched flavour range. We will continue innovating across our quality food and drink products to offer consumers a range of better-for-you choices.”



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