Pump Group brings the vibes with the opening of BP Moorebank

Pump Group has opened BP Moorebank, its third site, with an emphasis on “creating a vibe” and its impressive food offering.

The site, which was formally a retail bulky goods site called Food Lover’s, has been transformed into a bright, colourful store that provides a unique customer experience with an extensive selection of food and drink, including Sydney’s Portuguese style chicken institution, Frango.

Nick Talevski, Managing Director of Pump Group, said customers have been blown away by the new site, not just with the service station component but with the addition of Frango.

“We’re brand new, bright, and colourful. Realistically, the local market comprises your standard up-and-down ‘servo’ offers. There isn’t anything too flashy within the immediate vicinity.”

Talevski acquired the site when the Simonetta family, which owned and operated Food Lover’s for 45 years, approached him to assist in the redevelopment of the site for service station and fast-food uses.

“The talks ended with me offering him a one stop shop in exchange for the leasehold of the service station component. I offered to bring the architects, consultants, builders, etc to the table and station myself at the front line to get it to where it is today. John [Simonetta] is a super busy guy, so he accepted. A win, win really!”

In-store, Talevski said they went pretty big on chilled snacks – salads, sushi, yoghurts, fresh fruit tubs etc – as well as Middle Eastern/European pastries and pies and sausage rolls baked on-site.

“We also have quite a large ‘healthy snacks’ category. A deli component has been incorporated within store, in honour of the previous business on the land. Barista Coffee is at the forefront of our offer with the store theme being around Pump Coffee Co, my personal brand founded in 2018.

“Moving forward, Frango is looking into introducing a breakfast menu. Moorebank will be their very first store in Sydney where this will eventuate. I’ve already had talks with them around a cross-promo coffee opportunity.”

Moving to the forecourt, Talevski said they understand that fuel is a grudge purchase and have taken steps to ensure customers don’t walk into the store frowning.

“We always endeavour to know our customers on a first name basis – it really breaks down barriers. Something else we’ve done, which I took away from the NACS tour in the US last year, is outdoor music. Yes, we have music when you pull up, it’s definitely a vibe in my opinion.”

Finally, Talevski thanked BP and Frango for coming onboard and said that it simply wouldn’t be a trophy site without them and that through the process, they have created a solid relationship with Frango and are looking for opportunities to replicate the Moorebank site.

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