PumpTV creators re-enter P&C market

After a two year hiatus the key founder of PumpTV in Australia, Teyghan Stadelbauer, is re-entering the Australian market with pumpMedia solutions from Adverto Outdoor Media. Ms Stadelbauer says the Australian launch of pumpMedia will – for the first time – give Australian petrol retailers the ability to create their own channels and communicate directly with customers at the pump.

Adverto is the leading manufacturer of retrofit pumpMedia solutions here and abroad and are proud to design and manufacture their products here in Australia. The company was established in 2006 and launched PumpTV to the Australian P&C market in 2009. By 2012, the PumpTV business had grown substantially with screens located across Australia. In November 2012, Val Morgan acquired PumpTV in a business deal which precluded Miss Stadelbauer and other company shareholders from entering into a similar business for two years within Australia and New Zealand.

The two-year non-compete clause has now expired and Adverto Outdoor Media is now able to offer their custom pumpMedia solution to savvy retailers within Australia and New Zealand. Miss Stadelbauer, Adverto Outdoor Media’s managing director, says that “the team are very excited to launch three models of pumpMedia solutions at next month’s C&I Expo”. According to Miss Stadelbauer, pumpMedia will allow P&C retailers to create and control their own site specific content with ease, giving them the opportunity to invest in their own digital network channel to drive in-store sales, uplift the consumer experience and to become a point of difference in their local area.

Miss Stadelbauer says that there has been significant change within the petrol forecourt in the past decade, “Since 2006 we have seen the digital landscape evolve from a point where only outdoor media companies invested in the ‘space above the pump’ to the present where petrol retailers are increasingly understanding the value and ease of investing in and supporting their own ‘one to one’ channel to reach their customers”.

The digital advertising possibilities offered within the forecourt are now immense. In 2012, when Val Morgan acquired PumpTV, its “centrally programmed network of digital advertising panels” where available to advertisers in key service stations throughout Australia. Now, with Adverto re-entering the Australian and New Zealand market, savvy retailers can themselves turn their fuel dispensers in to profit dispensers; as Adverto’s pumpMedia solution allows the retailer to use the ‘space above the pump’ to drive greater customer engagement with the venue and increase products sold in-store per consumer.

With refueling taking as much as four minutes, this significant dwell time can be used by retailers to broadcast a range of in-store promotions, safety messages and even commercialize vacant space to local businesses such as the real estate agent or car yard.

Miss Stadelbauer says that Adverto pumpMedia solutions are available in a range of colours and sizes – the most popular models are 15 and 19 inches – and can be easily retrofitted to most pumps. The company can also work with retailers to simplify the process of uploading content and recommend content creation and management services where required.

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