Purina offers P&C growth Opportunity

Pets have become an important member of the family and not in the demographic that you would have thought. Pet ownership has increased amongst Gen Y&Z who now lead the overall spend on their pets. Over 70% of Australians describe their pets as beloved member of the family, these owners are seeking more opportunities to bond and spoil their pet and are willing to spend more on premium, high quality food & treats. Future growth within the category is anticipated through a focus on ingredients, including nothing artificial, fewer ingredients, locally sourced and nutritious. 

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Pet purchases are planned shops. Making Pet one of highest shopped categories, with 38% of purchases Planned top up shops and 45% of pet owners say they have less than weeks stock of pet food in the house. On top of this Pet shoppers spend on average 30% more per trip than a non-pet shopper. The Pet Shopper is a particularly fussy shopper where 23% of these shoppers have indicated they will shop elsewhere if the brand they use is not available. What does your pet offer look like? Are you catering to the right market?

Research shows that 63% of convenience channels shoppers own a dog or a cat, in some cases both or multiple pets, 95% of these shoppers are forced to spend their entire PetCare budget elsewhere as their local store doesn’t have the products they prefer, meaning you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity. 

Pet is a growing category and Purina is committed to supporting you with developing and growing with in this space. We’ve partnered with local Distributors Campbells, The Distributors and other hubs to support retailers in gaining access to much loved Australian brands. Petrol and Convenience is in a unique position as we embark on a new generation of shopper(s) looking for more convenience options as we all lead busier lives, juggle multiple jobs and or other commitments. 

Nestlé Purina Petcare is growing the pet care category year on year in petrol and convenience, providing a fantastic opportunity for retailers to take advantage of Purina’s extensive range of products. With 63 per cent of convenience channel shoppers owning a pet, there is a tremendous opportunity to maximise profit by stocking Purina’s leading brands in the category, including Supercoat, Fancy Feast, Felix, Friskies, and Lucky Dog. Purina’s brands are growing ahead of the P&C pet food category at 37.7 per cent* and driving category growth, so it makes sense for retailers to stock Purina’s range and not let shoppers go elsewhere to buy their pet food.

As 42 per cent** of all pet shopping occasions are top up or impulse shops, convenience retailers can tap into this market to build basket size while shoppers are in store. Ensuring you have variety, key product mixes and leading brands will ensure success in capturing a diverse shopper looking for that everyday shop, quick top up or impulse purchase. Purina can support your business with Plan-o-grams, promotional activity, consumer, and shopper insights. Purina’s range of products are available through The Distributors and Campbells. 

Purina assists in providing end to end category solutions to grow your business. Our expertise and knowledge within in the category dates back to 1894 where our founder William H Danforth began Purina Ralston, extruding and creating nutritious petfood. it’s this rich industry history and experience that you can rely on to support you and your business. Our state of the art factories are located in Blaney NSW, along with our Australian Research and development centre. 

*Circana Panel Data – MAT to 13.08.2023 ** 2017 Nestlé Purina Kantar AU Shopper Study N=650 shoppers.

Nestle Purina Petcare – Anthony Pierce 0437 858 598


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