Q&A with Tim Xenos, Executive Director of Olympian Products

Executive Director, Olympian Products and Distribution Tim Xenos shared with C&I how his passion for better-for-you products drives his business.


Tell me about your product range?

We look for products that are niche, healthy, innovative and that stand out from the normal over-the-counter products.

Your products have an emphasis on health, where does this passion come from?

We believe there is too much sugar in drinks, too many false claims about products and that people buy these products because there aren’t healthier options available. We wanted to focus our product range on those without artificial colours or preservatives and only use natural sweeteners so where they are used, it’s a better option. And our products still taste great while also having either no sugar, low sugar or the least calories as possible.

Are consumers demanding more low sugar options?

They haven’t been, but our focus has always been on low sugar. Even with the companies we work with, we look at what options they offer in terms of low GI, gluten free etc.  We just want to make sure what we have on the market appeals to all consumers but still tastes good.

What have been some of your favourite products to date? 

Our sparkling water Samaria is one of my favourites. It’s a natural sparkling water with a naturally high pH level, rather than using additives to achieve a high pH. It also has the lowest sodium and magnesium on the market, so it’s definitely not a standard bottle of water, it’s very good for you. And also our LOUX Plus N Light sodas, which are low GI and great for diabetics or people minding their weight. It’s also gluten free and has only natural sweeteners.

What made you look to products low in artificial colours and preservatives?

This is so important to us that we look to it in our manufacturing company as well. It’s because of the trend away from colours because of emerging research into their affects, artificial sweeteners as well, which can cause various issues to consumers and to children if they drink them. We opt for natural products across our range. Even some of our juices don’t use any colours.

Tell me about Olympian’s commitment to sustainability?

We look to biodegradable packaging options, which sets us apart from the market as well. Sustainable packaging is important to us and we’re looking to better packaging options, changing our labels from PVC to more recyclable options and looking to lower our carbon footprint in as far as reducing how much energy it takes to manufacture products.

What are other important factors for Olympian products?

We want to make sure all our products have the required certifications, for example our Kosher, vegan, low GI and gluten free products all have the correct certifications to prove they comply with requirements.

Where can consumers find Olympian products?

At the moment we are stocked in some cafes and restaurants, as well as select IGA stores and we’re trying to increase distribution.



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