The Queensland Government today announced a two-year trial of fuel pricing monitoring to take effect in Queensland as soon as possible, with fuel retailers required to publish their latest prices online.

7-Eleven customers in Queensland are already accessing this information through 7-Eleven’s Fuel App, and have collectively saved almost $1.3 million in the two years since the app was launched.

The 7-Eleven Fuel App provides consumers with near to real-time data on fuel prices at all 7-Eleven stores across Queensland, and nationally. Consumers can use the app to search and compare 7-Eleven’s local prices when they are choosing where to stop for fuel.

More than 19 million best local price searches have been completed nationally, empowering consumers to make informed choices about buying fuel.

The 7-Eleven Fuel App also lets registered users lock in 7-Eleven’s best local price, and then redeem it at any 7-Eleven store Australia-wide within the next 7 days.

Since its launch, more than one million Australians have downloaded 7-Eleven’s world first fuel app, collectively saving more than $5 million on fuel purchases. Queenslanders have locked in more than 300,000 times, saving on average 11.3 cents per litre.

7-Eleven customers are also taking advantage of the app’s free product offers and discounts to maximise their savings.

The 7-Eleven Fuel App is available to download from the App Store or Google Play.

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  1. Just another ploy to sway customers to only use 7- Eleven. I’d suggest a much better app is something like GasBuddy which compares prices at many different outlets. It is rarely that 7-Eleven feature with the best prices on these apps during the height of the fuel cycles. During these times other independents often selling fuel 15c a litre lower than 7-Eleven. So If the figures stated are correct, it’s a $1.3 mil saving if you only use 7-Eleven.

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