Red Bull brings the flavour of summer early this year

Red Bull is launching its newest flavour the Summer Edition Ruby Grapefruit early for summer.

Red Bull will soon undertake the national launch of their latest NPD: the Summer Edition Ruby Grapefruit flavour.

Launching in stores on August 1st, Red Bull said the new variant offers the same functional benefits as the classic energy drink, with a new light and summery twist on the original.

The launch will be supported by sampling initiatives, as well as an ATL digital awareness campaign and vibrant in-store POS displays.

The Summer Edition Red Bull will be available in individual 250ml cans and 250ml four packs, and will be priced in line with the rest of the Red Bull energy drink range.

Previous Summer Edition Red Bull releases have been effective in bringing new customers to the category and providing incremental value sales, according to Quantium Shopper.

According to IRI Australia, new flavour variants play a key role in driving growth in the Energy Drink segment.

The market provides a new opportunity to drive trial, and meet shopper demands for innovation within the category, as energy drink shoppers tend to be more impulsive (Shopper Tracker data).




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