REDcycle announces temporary pause of operations

Announcing a temporary pause of their soft plastic collection service, REDcycle say they are committed to having the program up and running again as soon as possible.

While REDcycle reports a 350 per cent increase in demand since 2019, they say several unforeseen challenges, compounded by pandemic-related stresses, means they have to halt services in the short term. 

In the midst of significant supply chain challenges, REDcycle’s recycling partners have stopped accepting and processing post-consumer soft plastics, making the REDcycle business model unsustainable for the time being. 

For now, REDcycle encourages customers to recycle their plastic waste in their usual home rubbish, as soft plastics are not recyclable in designated recycling bins, which only accept hard plastics. 

The company can’t confirm how long their hiatus will last but assures clients and retail partners that everyone is working hard to find alternate solutions. 

Since launching more than ten years ago, REDcycle has diverted 5.4 billion pieces of soft plastic away from landfill and the natural environment and remains determined to keep their operations onshore.

Born from a desire to enable and empower individuals in her local community, founder Liz Kasell says she’s always sought to do the right thing for her community and the environment, and at this stage, the only way forward is to take a short break. 

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