Remedy launches new flavour

Remedy Kombucha has launched its Cherry Plum flavour into its range to give retail drinks fridges a makeover and offer consumers real and healthy options.

The new flavour pairs sweet red cherry and the Australian Kakadu plum to create a live culture beverage that is naturally low in sugar.

Remedy is made from the traditional Kombucha fermenting process involving sweet tea and the scoby live culture.

The new flavour naturally contains no sugar and is backed by an official tick of approval from ‘I Quit Sugar’. The live culture and organic acids have benefits for both gut health and overall wellbeing.

Remedy Kombucha co-founder Emmet Condon said the company is focused on creating real health drinks that are accessible to consumers.

“We’re really proud to make drinks that are not only really healthy but also really tasty,” he said.

“New flavours not only excite our existing loyal Remedy drinkers, but they also offer a way to reach new consumers. We find trial is the best way to convert consumers into kombucha drinkers.

“We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy a Remedy as an alternative to all the sugary and fake-healthy drinks out there. Our drinks are healthy not only because they are naturally free from sugar, but also because they are full of goodness.

“We are also super excited to be using a native Australian ingredient with Kakadu plum. We’ve wanted to add native ingredients to the mix since we started out.”

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