New Remedy Sodas

Remedy unveils new traditional soda range

Remedy Drinks has launched a new range of handcrafted, live cultured sodas based on traditional recipes and made with real ingredients.

Emmet Condon, Co-founder of Remedy Drinks, said the time was right to expand the Remedy range into handcrafted, live cultured sodas.

“Creating a range of live cultured sodas is the natural extension of our work to encourage more people to make the switch and incorporate delicious, live cultured drinks into their everyday diet for the good of their overall health and wellbeing,” said Condon.

Carefully sourced, all natural, organic ingredients including Kola nut (for Remedy Cola), orange juice (for Remedy Oranja), lemon and lime juice (for Remedy Lemonade and Lemon, Lime and Bitters) and spices including vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and ginger are fermented with a Remedy natural live culture brewing out all of the sugar to create the new range of handcrafted, live cultured sodas bursting with organic acids.

“Our mission is to create tasty, live cultured drinks with no sugar naturally, giving everyone the option to make a healthier choice,” Emmet said. “With the launch of Remedy Sodas there is now, literally, a Remedy drink for everyone – whether that be a Cola fan or those who prefer a Ginger Beer,” said Condon.

The new range is about broadening the appeal of live cultured drinks and making that swap as easy and tasty as possible, according to Condon.

“We’re reclaiming traditional sodas for what they were always meant to be. That means reinventing classic flavours like Cola, Ginger Beer, Lemonade and Lemon, Lime and Bitters for modern, healthier times,” says Condon.

The new Remedy Sodas range includes:
Oranja – a zingy, sunny and bright live cultured orange soda made with organic Valencia oranges.
Lemonade – a fresh take on a traditional lemonade made with real lemons.
Cola – live cultured fresh pressed ginger juice, Kola nut and vanilla combine to create a smooth, aromatic cola with a bit of bite.
Lemon, Lime & Bitter – fresh as flavour and oh-so-aromatic with real lemons, limes and botanicals.
Ginger Beer – big bang tang with real ginger juice for fiery, full flavours and warmth.

Remedy Sodas are now available in all major supermarkets, petrol and convenience outlets, café and health stores as well as online.

RRP is $4.50 for a 330ml glass bottle.
RRP is $10.00 for a 4 pack of 250ml cans.

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