Rev up your food sales with Meris

When it comes to merchandising your hot food, having the right food display can make all the difference in attracting customers and maximising sales.

Meris offers a wide range of hot food displays to meet every business need and budget.

For operators seeking a countertop, assisted-serve display, the Unis range ticks all the boxes.

With Unis you can trust that your food will stay fresher for longer, ensuring satisfied customers and minimal waste. Temperature-controlled, the humidified cabinets provide the optimal environment for displaying a wide variety of hot foods – making dried out chicken tenders and soggy chips a thing of the past.

Featuring a multi-tiered design, operators can display and store more menu options without taking up excessive bench space. This means you can cater to your diverse customer preferences whilst boosting your food sales.

If you’re looking to offer self-service, the award winning Flexeserve Zone is the solution for you.

Powered by patented air recirculation technology, the Flexeserve uses convection heat instead of outdated contact heat. This offers a much gentler heat that preserves the quality and texture of the food, prolonging shelf life and radically reducing wastage.

Each shelf can be set to a different temperature which allows the operator to hot hold different types of foods at their optimal temperature. If a shelf is not being used, it can be simply switched off, reducing energy consumption.

Flexeserve offer a range of models, from countertop units to free-standing displays available in three, four and five tier shelves, with three different widths to choose from.

Meris understands that it takes more than great equipment to offer great food. That’s why they offer a number of consultation services including menu development, packaging and merchandising advice, staff training and process development. The in-house development Chef and expert team can assist with developing a menu tailored to your clientele and unique operation. As well as ongoing support to implement a successful and sustainable food offer.

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