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Never before has the fuel retailing industry seen such an accurate tank calibration device. The ProGauge 3D Laser Scan Automatic Tank Calibration unit is being used by hundreds of site owners across the globe, who have been drawn in by its unmatched capabilities.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the device is able to accurately determine the exact volume of liquid in underground fuel tanks, rapidly producing a detailed representation of the inside cavity, regardless of the presence of any flammable liquids or vapours. That’s right – with the 3D Laser Scan Automatic Calibration unit, there is no need to de-gas or empty the tank; it’s an environmentally-friendly solution that does not face the many potential problems caused by uplifting fuel.

Following the scan process, 3D Laser Automatic Tank Calibration unit is then able to provide a precise strapping table, which, once uploaded to the automatic tank gauge, gives an accurate and comprehensive reconciliation report of the fuel stock on site.

The device is easy to manage and set up, resulting in minimal disruption to site, so that retailers don’t lose out on valuable business caused by site downtime. It is easy to see why this product is fast becoming one of the most in-demand solutions in the fuel retailing market.

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Dover Fueling Solutions

246a Governor Road

Braeside, Victoria, 31956


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Brad Del Fante



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