Revvies Serve Up Perky Offer

NSW Waratahs use Revvies in training and on game day. Source: Supplied.

Innovative Australian sports nutrition brand, Revvies Energy Strips have become one of the first companies in Australia to offer their customers, stockists and others, the chance to purchase a piece of their business thanks to new crowdsourced funding rules.

Revvies cofounder John Nolan-Neylan said: “The reason we selected crowdsourced fundraising over traditional methods is that it means that stakeholders such as customers and stockists that know and love Revvies, and who have been responsible for our success to date, are able to be part of our future success. We also get the benefit of having a group of people truly invested in our brand, who, we hope will be even more motivated to promote the benefits of using Revvies”.

“We believe that retailers will increasingly choose to invest in early-stage businesses that they add to their stores because they can have a big impact on the success of these brands and crowdsourced fundraising makes it easy for them to invest and share in the brand value they help create. IN our case people can invest as little as $250 or as much as $10,000.” Mr Nolan-Neylan added.

Revvies caffeinated mouth strips dissolve in seconds, are sugar-free, fit any pocket and can be taken on-the-go without water. These USPs have already made Revvies a hit with dual Olympians Eloise Wellings and Jessica Trengove and are used by more than 20 teams competing in the NRL, AFL, Big Bash, Super Netball and Super Rugby.

Revvies are stocked in over 475 locations across Australia, including the country’s largest pharmacy group, Chemist Warehouse.

Revvies’ Offer is being managed by OnMarket with additional information available at

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