Violet Crumble celebrates anniversary

Robern Menz launches Violet Crumble DARK

Following its acquisition of the iconic Aussie Violet Crumble chocolate bar last year, family-owned confectioner Robern Menz has launched a new take on the bar – Violet Crumble DARK.

Capitalising on the growing popularity of dark chocolate variations, the new bar is the first to pair a cocoa-rich choc coating with honeycomb.

The South Australian-based business is known for creating and reviving beloved chocolate products, having recently also acquired the recipe for the fondly remembered Polly Waffle.

The new Violet Crumble format follows Robern Menz’s recent reintroduction to the Australian market of the Violet Crumble bag, featuring bite size versions of the treat.

This news was received welcomed by fans, who have been calling for the return of the shareable Violet Crumble format since it was withdrawn by previous owners a decade ago.

“The response we’ve had from consumers since bringing Violet Crumble back into Australian hands has been phenomenal. We know there’s a huge appetite for this iconic Aussie honeycomb treat, and that’s why we want to deliver it in a variety of formats to suit different tastes,” said Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz.

“We’re having a lot of fun playing with different iterations of this classic product and the dark choc pairing is something we think a lot of Australians will enjoy.”

The new product is available now at Caltex locations nationally.

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