Robomart rolling c-store

The Robomart. Source: Robomart and

Robomart  has unveiled a driverless, electric and mobile market that delivers groceries and goods on demand.

According to Robomart, perishable foods make up a small percentage of delivery orders as customers prefer to choose their own produce. The Robomart autonomous market enables consumers to select their own produce.

The mobile market runs on a software suite of power sensor fusion, localisation, control, path planning and obstacle avoidance, as reported by

Customers simply use a smartphone all to summon the vehicle to them and then the door is able to be unlocked and the produce accessed, once the Robomart is outside on the curb. With checkout free technology, customers are free to grab-and-go while the bill adds up and forwards the receipt.

According to Robomart, the mobile market is environmentally friendly and five times cheaper to operate than contemporary delivery vehicles. The system also allows retailers to gather consumer data as well as manage the orders.

Commercial pilot programs will begin in the San Francisco Bay area once the prototype has been tested and approved.


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