Rokeby Farms: Premium protein driving significant growth

Rokeby Farms’ strong performance in the growing liquid breakfast market is reflected in the September 2015 announcement of two hundred percent year on year growth in sales.

Rokeby Farms has now secured over 2,000 additional key retailers, significantly increasing its existing distribution channels within the petrol and convenience industry. The expansion includes all 7-Eleven stores as well as providing new ranging in BP, Caltex, Coles Express and Woolworths supermarkets. This adds to the 700 Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and 1,000 independent retailers nationally.

Rokeby Farms was established in 2014 by MADE, the independent beverage company that first launched Nutrient Water in Australia in 2005, followed by Cocobella in 2010.

“We are so thrilled with the ranging support given from our key retailers who recognise the long term vision we have for Rokeby Farms and the capital commitment we have made for a company of our size,” said MADE Co-founder Luke Marget.

Rokeby Farms innovative Whole Protein Breakfast Smoothies are made with fresh, cold-filtered milk that contains twice the protein of regular milk and no added powders –an Australian market first which meets the demand for quality high-protein products. Each 425ml bottle is packed with 30 grams of farm-fresh protein. .

Retail sales of Whole Protein Breakfast Smoothies are forecast to exceed $10 million in 2016. “Based on current sales alone, it takes 150 cows to produce enough milk for production each week. The liquid breakfast category in Australia has grown significantly in recent years, with more than 50% category growth from 2011 to 2014, so we expect this will increase in the future,” said Mr Marget.

Rokeby Farms sources fresh milk from a selection of farms located in Victoria, which is then delivered to its new manufacturing facility located in Melbourne. MADE has invested $12m in the state-of-the-art beverage processing plant. Rokeby Farms utilises an innovative cold-filtration process that removes some of the naturally occurring water from milk, leaving fresh high-protein milk with twice the protein and calcium of regular milk.

MADE sees the ability to create a fresh non-UHT liquid breakfast drink as an advantage in the Australian market as recent research shows that Australians prefer fresh milk to UHT products.

Rokeby Farms is introducing a new Salted Caramel flavour to its Breakfast Smoothie range this October and plans to launch additional Rokeby Farms branded products in other categories in the near future.

Rokeby Farms Whole Breakfast Smoothies are available in 7-Eleven and select Coles, Woolworths, BP, Caltex, Coles Express, Woolworths Petrol and independent grocers nationally, RRP $3.99 (Grocery)/RRP $4.99 (Petrol & Convenience) for 425ml.


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