The role of colour psychology in packaging

Coloured packaging can play a part in consumer purchases.

The Play Market Research (PlayMR) company has linked the psychology of colour with brands and products and what the implication is in today’s retail market.

PlayMR research and marketing executive Sarah Kneebone wrote on the PlayMR website that not only does colour help a product to stand out but it also creates connections in shopper’s minds.

“The right choice and application of colour allows brands to leverage consumer psychology and in turn, boost product sales,” she said.

KISSmetrics cited that 85% of shoppers give colour as the primary reason for why they buy a certain product and added that colour increases brand recognition by 80%.”

Ms Kneebone said colour is one of the first things that consumers notice about products and snap decisions can be made based on its colour.

“If used incorrectly, the colour’s subconscious messaging could lead shoppers to veer away from your product,” she said.

“Because of this, it is important to understand your target shopper in great depth, in order to create a match between the message you attempt to convey and how it will be received.”

Mastering the art of colour and packaging can assure that suppliers will be in the best position to get the buyers attention, over the competition.

The full post by Sarah Kneebone can be read at Shopper research: colour psychology in packaging.





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