Rolling through the ages

Since ancient times, pastry wrapped around meat has been a staple go-to easy meal. After a little refinement in France along the way, the humble sausage roll has become as iconic to Aussies as the Koala Bear, and just as loved.

Luckily for us, Balfour’s understands the high expectations when it comes to our favourite snack and they’re constantly seeking ways to delight us. Now Balfour’s have given us a new and delicious country style Beef Sausage Roll. Using only 100% quality minced beef meat, freshly diced carrot, onions and seasoned to perfection, this tasty treat comes wrapped in their new and much more flaky pastry.

With this new variety, Balfour’s has proven again they truly deliver on their promise of baking happy people – satisfying hungry tums on the run everywhere.

As a petrol and convenience store owner/manager, I would say this is a no-brainer… Contact your local Balfour’s rep and get them into your ovens, quick!
www.balfour’, 08 8368 5300

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