Rosella unveils new logo

Rosella's new logo.
Rosella’s new logo.

Rosella has unveiled a new logo with the first stocks of the company’s rebadged tomato sauce appearing on shelves this November.

The brand, which also produces household staples such as soups, cocktail onions, corn relish and fruit chutney, has undertaken the most dramatic change in its visual identity in 20 years.

Senior brand manager Kristine Dalton is excited for the new design to hit shelves.

“The reinvigoration of our logo communicates what Rosella has represented to Australian families for the last 120 years, but in a contemporary context,” Ms Dalton said.

The company has elected to preserve the distinctive Eastern rosella that has graced its products for many years. However, the rosella has been “given flight” to represent the company “keeping pace with modern Australian eating”.

“We believe the change will be welcomed. The new design will appeal to a new generation of Australian families by capturing the essence of the Australian spirit, our vibrancy, energy and our free spirit,” Ms Dalton explained.

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