SA leads innovation for food and beverage industry

A new innovation hub in South Australia to help develop new products for local food and beverage businesses has opened.

The South Australian Food Innovation Centre is a collaboration between the South Australian Government, industry, universities and research organisations and is located at the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus.

Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell said the centre will maximise opportunities for the state’s food and beverage businesses by supporting innovation and encouraging commercialisation of new ideas and products.

“It will help create local jobs, grow South Australia’s exports and lead Australia in the development of robust and enduring export markets for our premium food and wine products,” Bignell said.

In 2014–15, South Australia’s food and wine industries generated $18.2 billion in revenue, accounted for 46 per cent of the state’s merchandise exports, and employed about 144,000 people or one in five working South Australians.

“The first stage of the centre is focused on making it easier for food and beverage businesses to find out about, and connect with, the range of services currently provided.

“Businesses will be able to email or call the centre’s dedicated telephone hotline to discuss their innovation needs.

“During the next few months, the foundation partners will help industry adopt new technology and explore how the centre could connect with the Northern Adelaide Food Park,” Bignell said.

George Kotses, operations manager at Bickford’s Australia told C&I Week:” It’s a great initiative, industry and uni’s need to work more collaborative to achieve the end goal of an innovative technological culture for the State which can be a benchmark for the country and the region.”

Centre partners include Food South Australia, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, SARDI, the Australian Wine Research Institute, and Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL).

The Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society, Primary Producers SA and the Economic Development Board are also supporting and contributing to the collaboration.

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