Safa’s Choice: Milky Bar Berry Crumble

Australia’s iconic white chocolate bar has had another delicious makeover. My favourite treat as a child is now even more mouth-wateringly delicious. Nestle has combined the smooth creamy goodness of Milky Bar with wild berries to create the Berry Crumble. It is genius.

Tasting this new variety took me back to childhood and my daily visits to George’s Milk Bar on the way home from school. It’s a childlike wonder of indulgent white chocolate with an adult twist of berry crumble in every mouthful. As you’ve probably gathered from previous reviews, I test most product samples with my little girl. This time she got her hands on the last big piece, which I’d been hiding to enjoy later that night with a movie and a cup of tea. She made sure it vanished quicker than you can say “Quick Draw McGraw”, so I guess there’s a new Milky Bar Kid in town! I was surprisingly disappointed at missing out after I remembered how much I love a good Milky Bar, so I went for a drive to pick up the other new flavour (and previous Safa’s Choice selection), the Toasted Coconut Milky Bar.

Nestle has made the berry flavour available in a medium bar and block to cater for all occasions. Nestle continues to drive penetration in the white chocolate category, which is growing ahead of the total chocolate category 11.9 per cent vs. 2.1 per cent. I have been told that Milky Bar NPD has increased its brand sales by 28 per cent over the past two years. Wow, that’s a home run Nestle!

They’re available in store now. The RRP is within Nestlé’s medium bars range.


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