Safa’s choice: Vodafone’s game changing 35 days

Vodafone has extended its prepaid customer offer by an extra 7 days. Shut the Gates… No more 28 days!

Vodafone has put the heat on its competition with their new 35-day prepaid plan offer. This will disrupt the whole market, with current and future Vodafone customers the winners.

Customers on the $40 and above combos will benefit from May 10th.

“This will cause a massive disruption to the market, with a focus on giving customers more value and keeping things as simple as possible,” Vodafone said.

Consumers moving up to the $40 combo will get customers double data as well as an extra week to use it, equalling more value and less wastage.

Consumers will only recharge 10 times per year, the equivalent of 2 months free and a discount of 20 per cent.

It’s a welcome change to see a telecommunications company putting consumers first, which is why I’m giving Vodafone Safa’s Choice. This campaign could see a spike in sales for the prepaid offer in P&C market.

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