Safa’s Choice: Hail the king of ice cream sandwiches!

safa's choice logoSnacking is one of the fastest growing segments in the impulse channel, and with so much product and flavour innovation currently taking place within the category it is easy to see why.

Peter’s Maxibon, the king of ice cream sandwiches, has got innovation in spades and its latest offering is big and delicious! Maxibon has launched a new freezer snack, Maxibon Iced Coffee, combining every Aussie bloke’s favourite tastes into one fully EPIC sandwich.

I remember when I first ate Maxibon 23 years ago – I fell in love with it! I would buy one whenever I filled up my car at a service station. In fact, filling up the car became an excuse for me to buy another Maxibon. It was no longer an impulse buy, it was a drive buy! And, let’s just say with this new variety I now need to fill my car every two days!

This big boy is packed with all the delicious stuff: ice cream, nuts, chocolate and biscuit, blended with a true Aussie favourite flavour, iced coffee. It’s no wonder Maxibon continues to dominate in the market, delivering consecutive growth for the last five years and currently a whopping 18.6 per cent growth MAT*.

Maxibon Iced Coffee combines iced coffee flavour with biscuit and chocolate to create the ultimate ice cream snack. To stock the new Maxibon you will need to contact Peter’s on 13 10 77 or your Peter’s representative. Long live the king!

*Source: Aztec Convenience Scan Chnge vs YA. MAT to 10.01.16.

The April/May issue of C&I Retailing Magazine is out now.

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