Sanpellegrino’s two new flavours

Sanpellegrino has launched two new flavours to its Sparkling Fruit Beverage can range.

Melograno e Arancia and Clementina are made with the juice of both fruits and has arrived in time for our hot Australian summer.

Melograno e Arancia (Pomegranate and Orange) combines sun-ripened Italian oranges with the fruit of the moment, Pomegranate- producing a tangy flavour with a hint of orange sweetness.

Clementina (Clementine) is made with the juice of sun-ripened cementines, oranges and mandarins; this revitalising beverage has an abundance of intense, very fine Clementine aromas and a sweet-dry finish on the palate.

The new flavours were offically launched at Barangaroo store Bel&Brio on the 24th of Jan.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are here to celebrate the addition of these two new flavours to our portfolio and they’re an absolutely welcomed addition”.

“A new innovation to the company is now serving our drinks in a 330ml aluminium can, which is perfect for on-the-go consumption,” she said.

“The product is incredibly versatile.”

These new 330ml SKUs are available in both the new, easy to manage 12-pack and the established 24-pack. Trade enquiries: Sanpellegrino S.p.A 1800 660 189; ask Sanpellegrino sales staff about bonus stock deals.


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