Scenic convenience store at 330ft high

The C-store at 330ft. Source:

An unusual convenience store has opened up on a cliff-side in China.

Touted as a C-store for “thrill-seekers only”, the store hangs on a cliff-side in Hunan, a southern province in China.

Secured on the climbing route of the popular climbing spot, the store offers water, energy drinks, biscuits, energy bars and bread for climbers who need an energy boost during their climb.

Surprisingly, staff are employed to man and manage the C-store.

Workers must the same climbing route to reach the store, as well as ziplining across the sky with supplies and inventory attached to their belt.

Customers must pay for the goods in the C-store, exchanging the cash with staff in place of the goods.

Shiniuzhai National Geological Park spokesperson told the MailOnline: “We offer price-friendly products for rock climbers to help them maintain physical endurance”.

“Our product prices are the same as regular convenience stores,” the spokesperson said.

The store was completed inMarch and recently opened.

Construction of the store was completed in March and it opened for business on Wednesday.

Customers can pay by cash or via mobile payment platform WeChat Pay.

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