Schweppes releases “elegant” new bottle

The new Schweppes flavour Blood Orange and Passionfruit.

Schweppes has revealed a new bottle design to reflect the brand’s history, following the launch of three new flavours to their mineral water range.

The updated look of the PET bottle design pays homage to the Schweppes’ Hamilton design of 1809, a glass, amphora-shaped bottle.

The new bottle shape has also resulted in a reduction in size from 1.25 litres to 1.1 litres across the mixer and flavoured mineral water ranges.

The contemporary design is part of the Schweppes’ strategy to remain relevant to consumers of adult beverages.

Schweppes general marketing manager Lisa Saunders said the new design is elegant, thoughtful and contemporary.

“Australians trust the Schweppes brand and have high quality expectations of our liquids,” she said.

“Now we have a design that matches those expectations, and connects the quality liquid inside to the look of the bottle on the outside.”

Ms Saunders said leveraging the heritage of the original 1809 design placed the beverage brand in a premium market.

“The new bottle design applies to the Schweppes mixer and the mineral water ranges, while only the flavoured mineral water range has been updated with new flavours,” she said.

“The flavoured mineral range has been reinvigorated to address a change in the market of consumer tastes and trends. This includes using less sugar to produce while still producing a premium product.

“We recognise that consumers want a more natural flavoured mineral water with a reduced sweetness. We have kept the 5% real fruit juice content and reformulated the range to lower the sugar content and deliver a lighter, more refreshing beverage.”

As a result of these changes, Schweppes has reduced the sugar content across its flavoured mineral range by an average of 24%; between 3.4grams and 3.8grams per 100ml.

The new flavours were rolled out into stores on the 10th of July, along with the three new flavours to the mineral water range:

  • Blood Orange and Passionfruit
  • Apple and Cranberry
  • Pineapple and Lemon

Ms Saunders said so far the response to the new flavours had been very strong, with the drinks judged as having a superior taste to those previously available.

6 thoughts on “Schweppes releases “elegant” new bottle”

  1. Your website makes a positive of the new bottles. While it acknowledges the reduction in size it does not indicate that the price will remain the same for less contents.
    We have been buying tonic water for several years but we will not continue to do so due to your “down sizing”.

  2. I agree with Barry, talking about elegance and Expectations of bottle appearance conveniently ignores the fact that customers are now effectively paying more for their mixers. Shoddy treatment of customers. Like Barry we will look elsewhere for our Tonic water.

  3. Honestly, the marketing department must have gone into over drive thinking of ways to cover the truth on this one. As for cost, who ever pays full price for mixers anyway? Less for the same price!

  4. Disappointed customer!

    I continued to buy Schweppes as I much preferred the flavour to your competitor brands – Fever Tree and Fentimans – I now find that the after taste is much more bitter as with those and not as smooth as previously. This along with paying the same price for less volume will make me look elsewhere for value for money and taste.

  5. I don’t give a stuff what the bottle looks like, and I don’t like being ripped off. Never again Mr Schweppes.

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