Science proves new Tim Tam range’s indulgence

Tim Tam has scientifically proven its indulgence by teaming up with the Neurofeedback Centre to monitor brainwave activity after taking a bite of their Tim Tam Deluxe range.

The Deluxe range includes four new flavours – Decadent Triple Choc, Salted Caramel Brownie, Dark Choc Raspberry Tart, and Dark Choc Mint.

Tim Lucas, Neurologist at the Neurofeedback Centre, said he was doubtful they’d see drastic results when customers bit into the new Tim Tam Deluxe range.

“We were pleasantly surprised to learn that smelling a Tim Tam Deluxe – let alone biting into one – quite literally lit up the brains and activated the high beta waves in ways we’d never seen before, in every one of the clients we tested.”

The study also found that almost half of surveyed Australians, 47 per cent, would prefer an indulgent Tim Tam over a glass of wine after a hard day’s work.

Rebecca Chan, Tim Tam Brand Manager, said while those at Arnott’s may be a tad bias when it comes to choosing an indulgent treat, it was nice to see many Australians agreed with them.

“It’s been fun to learn there’s some scientifically-backed evidence that underpins Australia’s Tim Tam obsession, and that we’re not the only ones who’d opt for a chocolate bickie over other indulgent moments.

“We hope Tim Tam fans will feel just as passionate about the new Tim Tam Deluxe range – it’s our most indulgent offering yet, and we can’t wait to hear what they say about the innovative and decadent flavour combinations.”

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