ServoPro launches new HR Help Desk to help independent fuel retailers

In the last two years we have seen the majors fuel retailers including 7/11, Caltex and United audited and found to be underpaying staff. Last week we saw Westside Petroleum a large independent fuel retailer targeted by Fair Work for underpaying staff.

The award for petrol station owners is very confusing and many fuel retailers find themselves struggling to understand the correct hourly rate to pay their staff, along with other employee entitlements including penalty rates, superannuation and leave.

ServoPro’s founder, Dan Armes who represents independent fuel retailers in Australia says that fuel retailers in Australia are underpaying their employees because they simply do not understand the award.

“Most independent fuel retailers try to do the right thing when it comes to paying staff, however, the award is so hard to understand that many employers who are trying to do the right thing find themselves paying the wrong pay rates and employee entitlements,” said Dan. 

Last month, ServoPro launched a free HR Help Desk in an effort to help members ensure they are complying with relevant awards and legislation.

Dan said: “Since launching our free HR Help Desk we have been asked not only about award wages but also employee classifications, employment contracts, workers compensation insurance and lots more. There is a lot of confusion out there”.

With Fair Work announcing they are determined to make sure all employees are paid correctly and are receiving their proper entitlements, the ServoPro HR Help Desk is ensuring fuel retailers in Australia have straight forward and easy to understand information at their fingertips.

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