ServoSkills Launch – Online training for petrol & convenience employees

Written by Dan Armes, Founder of ServoPro

The petrol and convenience industry is increasingly being targeted by government departments to check on compliance. One area of compliance that has been a focus is staff training and record keeping. Petrol station operators are required by law to fully train their staff and keep records of this training.

A new training organisation, ServoSkills has developed online training courses designed to ensure compliance. The training course has been compiled with the assistance of qualified educators and industry experts.

Training focuses on key areas of compliance such as armed robbery training, equipping staff with the skills and confidence to deal with a situation where an armed robbery occurs. WIth most petrol stations now offering a variety of food options, ServoSkills also teaches staff about food safety and handling.

ServoSkills also covers subjects such as respect in the workplace, customer service, safety, fire response, LPG decanting and selling tobacco products.

To make sure staff remain up to date with their training ServoSkills offers a 6-month refresher course. Petrol station operators can access their employee training records at any time via an online portal.

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