Shapes gifts new Aussie flavour

Vegemite is frequently toted as one of the iconic flavours that are intrinsically Australian.

Arnott’s, owner of many a biscuit and cracker, have released a new snack to the tune of that very icon.

The Vegemite and Cheese flavoured Shapes have been released in stores using five Australian celebrities to advertise them on TV.

The Shapes are made in the shape of Australia, but in a statement on its website, Arnott’s explained why it had to leave Tasmania out of the cracker.

The statement reads:

“Tassie, we’re not over it. Our break up that is.

10,000 ish years ago, you decided to part ways with the rest of our country which really hurt, ’cause you’re just so naturally abundant and beautiful!

Here at Arnott’s, we believe in real connections, and whilst we literally tried to keep you connected, we just got the feeling you’re not quite ready to come back to us*. Call us. It’s not you, it’s us.

(*Okay… and maybe it has a lot to do with biscuit moulds which don’t deal so well with island states… and instead of reducing Tassie to a few crumbs, we’ve decided to leave this beautiful island untouched.)”

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