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Shop! ANZ launches 2021 State of Retail Marketing industry survey

Shop! ANZ is calling for industry professionals across Australia and New Zealand to participate in the latest ANZ shopper and retail marketing survey.

The 2021 State of Retail Marketing Survey will be conducted by Shop! ANZ together with Norrelle Goldring, Executive Director of marketing and strategy consulting group, Illuminera.

Goldring founded the inaugural Shopper Marketing industry benchmark study more than a decade ago and has continued to conduct this important industry research every three years since.

This research provides a guide of where the retail marketing industry in Australia and New Zealand has come from and what is anticipated to play out in the coming three years, covering off issues and trends such as budgets, digital, experiential, internal structures, and sustainability, among other things.

Focus areas of the 2021 State of Retail Marketing Survey include:

• Experience, support and resource levels in individuals and organisations

• Shopper marketing activation types, touchpoints, and measurement

• Digital, mobile, and social shopper and retail marketing practice

• Trends, challenges, and the future

Shop! ANZ General Manager, Carla Bridge, invites marketing professionals from all retail-related disciplines to participate in the triennial Shop! State of Retail Marketing Survey.

“We invite retailers, brands, manufacturers, and retail-related agencies of all types to provide their views by 9 July, so we can collectively understand how much progress the industry has made in the past three years and gauge how we can expect retail marketing to change,” she said.

The survey can be found here, and participants will receive a free copy of the resulting research, valued at $295.

A deep dive into the findings of the research will be presented at the Shop! ANZ 2021 Retail Marketing Online Conference from 6-7 September 2021.

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