Shoppers embrace delivery drones and facial recognition

A new report has found when it comes to digital and mobile technology in retail, shoppers are seeking a faster, more customised experience – but not at the cost of their personal data.

The State of Mobility report, commissioned by mobile technology support company SOTI, surveyed more than 4,000 people on how willing they were to utilise mobile technology in retail.

Among the findings, more than two thirds of respondents said they believed mobile technology delivered a better retail experience. And 67% said they felt it was the most efficient way to speed up their shopping.

Not surprisingly, given their growing proliferation in supermarkets, close to half of people agreed self-serve checkouts led to a better shopping experience.

However when the option was given to improve on in-store shopping experiences, a third of people said they would say no if it meant sacrificing their personal data.

Other trends identified included embracing the idea of technology in delivery of goods – including 31% of people open to using drones and 27% comfortable with delivery via driver-less cars.

And future trends in areas such as facial recognition and beacon technology looks set to sit well with consumers – close to 40% of people said they were excited by the innovations.

Conversely, less than a quarter of those surveyed said they’d rather a tech-free, in-store shopping experience.

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