Signature Desserts Cheesecake: On-the-go indulgence

Signature Desserts single-serve and twin-pack fruity cheesecakes are the perfect grab-and-go snack for customers wanting a cheeky treat and moment of indulgence.

When you order from Signature Desserts, you’re buying a slice of Aussie history. It’s a family-founded, owned and run company based in Brisbane, Queensland. From his industrial snack bar Trevor Hansen started out selling his cheesecake in innovative, single-serve portions, individually packaged with a spoon.

Fast forward twenty years and their business provide local jobs for the community, employing a diligent team that produces over 4 million single serves per annum. They supply their mouth-watering delicacies to the shelves of major grocers such as Woolworths and IGA.

Their manufacturing capability has increased alongside the shift in consumers gravitating to more familiar comfort foods and indulgent items due to COVID-19. Desserts are now seen as an everyday treat, not just reserved for special occasions. In the US, the refrigerated cheesecake market grew by 22.5 percent in the year to April 2021.

Consumers have turned to sweet treats as a form of self-care, relaxation and escapism. Individually wrapped, portion-sized items increased in popularity driven by the need for better food safety and sealed packaging. Lockdowns also resulted in higher demand for on-the-go options that could easily be picked up at the local grocers, convenience store or petrol station.

Stocking Signature Desserts refrigerated single-serve and twin-pack fruity cheesecakes enables you to capitalize on the escalating fast-food market and meet the consumer demand for innovative, ready-to-eat desserts.

Free of artificial colours or flavours, portions are supplied frozen and defrosted on demand. Our fully prepared and sealed cheesecakes mean there are no food-handling health issues, and you’re guaranteed a product that all your customers, from tradies to mums, and road trippers to school kids, will love.

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Phone: +61 7 3395 6633

Mobile: +61 413 126 107

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