Smart dispensers don’t just happen!

Smart Dispensing on your sites

We focus on making quality dispensers that last, and we’re good at it.  It’s the high-end components we use, our own electronics & software, and being made for local conditions often near the coast.  Our design delivers a robust product with impressive longevity and continuous, outstanding accuracy.


With over 140 footprint models in the PULSE range we offer flexibility and choice like no other.

Made and Designed Locally:

As an expert local manufacturer we offer stability, a solid infrastructure for long term growth with tried and proven robust processes that ensure excellent quality time and again. In our fully audited factory we also manufacture a wide range of products as a Contract service, including IECEx and ATEX approved products.

Short lead times:

From 2 weeks lead time ex works for standard solutions and options that have been forecast.

Highly Accurate and Reliable:

Gallagher electronics, software and the Tatsuno meter (with our 3 year warranty), greatly outperforms NMI requirements on every delivery. Our software has flow control management. It uses hose flow targets, with the system getting immediate feedback to maintain accurate volumes with precise flow rates for every delivery, day in, day out.


Our warranty is up to 15 months and we cover parts, labour and travel costs. This is not common in the industry.  When considering the cost of owning the dispenser, the purchase price must be considered along with the ongoing maintenance costs.

Gallagher Active Management:

Data Centre is an impressive product. Dispensing as a visible operation, issue alerts and reporting from any with the internet.  You can use this product yourself or our Helpdesk can provide monitoring, validation and managing alerts of issues/trends direct to you or your service partner.

Support Helpdesk:

This a core element of our product support model and we provide technical bulletins, phone support, online/in-person training and on-site assistance for the ASP network.

For more information on Gallagher dispensing products:

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