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Smith’s reveal new limited edition Pizza Hut flavours


Smith's Pizza HutSmith’s has partnered with Pizza Hut to launch three new, limited edition, mouth-watering flavours: BBQ Meatlovers, Margherita and Garlic Bread.

Combining the iconic Smith’s crinkle cut chip with classic Pizza Hut-inspired flavours has never been done before and is sure to delight both chip and pizza lovers across Australia.

Lynn Rutherford, Marketing Manager forSmith’s said: “We’re really excited about our innovative partnership with Pizza Hut. It made perfect sense for us to combine Smith’s chips with these classic Pizza Hut flavours – we think it’s a match made in heaven and we know Aussies will love them as much as we do.”

All three flavours come in 80g and 150g size packs. BBQ Meatlovers are available across all major supermarkets, Margherita in Woolworths and Garlic Bread in Coles and IGA, as well as petrol and convenience stores, for a RRP of $3.29.

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  1. Bbg meatlovers chips coud you brigtem back on ourshelves, or could i buy a box full fro somewhere thanks

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