Snack Brands Australia enters distribution deal with New World Foods

Snack Brands Australia has entered a distributing agreement with New World Foods in a bid to extend the reach of its rapidly expanding brand, Local Legends Beef Jerky.

The global food company joined forces with Snack Brands Australia, whose brands includes CC’s, Thins, Kettle, Natural Chip Company, Cheezels, and Samboy, after almost 40 years in business with the view of increasing supply and fast-tracking the growth of Local Legends Beef Jerky

The agreement will see Snack Brands Australia distribute New World Foods’ 25g range of Local Legends beef jerky, which is available in Original, Nice N Spicy, and Bulgogi flavours.

New World Foods MD Don Nisbet said the company has developed from a small business predominantly associated with the manufacture and sale of Local Legends Jerky, to that of a more diverse and capable food company with international manufacturing capabilities.

“This has meant revenue has more than tripled in the last few years and we predict even stronger growth both domestically and internationally going forward,” Mr Nisbet said.

Local Legends beef jerky range

While New World Foods’ brands are currently distributed throughout Australia, Asia and the UK, it says pairing with Snack Brands Australia will ensure the snack foods exposure continues to grow, along with its portfolio of products.

“Our products are the latest in ready-to-eat snack foods and it’s our mission to share them far and wide. We wholeheartedly believe in the quality of our products and want as many people as possible in our increasingly health conscious world to have access to them,” Mr Nisbet said.

The Local Legends 25g range is available from all leading snack, confectionery, and liquor wholesalers.

Snack Brands Australia was sold last month to Universal Robina Corporation (URC), one of the largest branded consumer food and beverage product companies in the Philippines, with the deal understood to be worth $A600 million.

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