Darrell Lea and Kellogg’s create Rice Bubbles inspired block

Darrell Lea and Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles have teamed up to create a new rice-bubbles inspired milk chocolate block.

The Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles Crispy Milk Chocolate block is loaded with the original Rice Bubbles crackle we know and love, then covered in smooth and creamy Aussie made Darrell Lea milk chocolate.

Dan Bitti, Senior Marketing Lead for Kellogg’s Breakfast, said they can’t wait to hear what Aussies think of the new flavour.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Darrell Lea to create a product that is uniquely Australian and blends together our two icons: Rice Bubbles and Darrell Lea chocolate.”

Darrell Lea has also invigorated an old time classic, the Peppermint Whipp Nougat Bar, and transformed it into the new Peppermint Whipp Dark Chocolate block.

Aymin Diab, Senior Marketing Manager at Darrell Lea, said it’s been a fantastic experience to bring to life the Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles Crispy Milk Chocolate block with Kellogg’s.

“We’re also excited that our block family has grown once again with the Peppermint Whipp Dark Chocolate block, which I’m sure will delight fans of the original Whipp bars.

“Our goal has always been to help generations of Aussies create memories whilst making it better with shareable experiences, and these new releases will do just that.”

The Darrell Lea Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles Crispy Milk Chocolate block is available nationwide in Woolworths and Coles for RRP $5.00 now, while The Peppermint Whipp Dark Chocolate block will be available for RRP $5.00 from 26 September.

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