SPAR Slovenia creates virtual influencer to engage youth

SPAR Slovenia has introduced an AI-created virtual influencer named Sara to engage with customers online.

The retailer introduced the virtual influencer to engage with young people, who are increasingly using modern technologies to communicate, with the influencer touching on themes such as sustainability and new technologies, as well as safe use of the internet.

Although Sara was created virtually, there is a team of real writers and creators that help generate positive and responsible content for the digital environment.

The appearance of Sara was created using AI but, importantly, does not represent “surrealist” ideals, with Sara facing similar problems to her real-world counterparts in pimples, cellulite, and split ends.

In the first week, the virtual influencer’s TikTok, under the handle @nerelna.sara, had already reached 24,000 views discussing various topics and sharing her thoughts on life and social issues.

SPAR Slovenia said that Sara provides a safe online environment that encourages positive thinking while not setting unattainable ideals or encouraging harmful behaviours.

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