Special Edition Kit Kat Dark

kk-master-block-rewind-3d-special-editionNestle has finally conceded to the demands of dark chocolate fans looking for their fix in Kit-Kat form.

The recent release of a new, dual-origin dark chocolate Kit-Kat will no doubt pique the interest of retailers in the same way, looking to capitalise on the ever-growing market of gourmet dark chocolate lovers.

“We went to dark because our consumers were asking for it! It is one of the most requested flavours,” a spokesperson for Nestle said.

Chocolate for the new dark Kit-Kat is sourced from Ecuador and Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), entirely from sustainable cocoa plantations, and is UTZ certified.

Nestle has warned fans to look out for new Kit-Kat flavours throughout 2017, so get ready for the suppliers to start stocking some exotic strains such as those found in Japanese convenience stores. Green tea Kit-Kat anyone?

Nestle says dark chocolate sales have grown 7.7 per cent by Moving Annual Total, so the company looks sure to continue pursuing that market.

Special Edition Kit-Kat Dark is available at Metcash, Woolworths and Coles.

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