New sports recovery drink

Specially formulated for sports recovery.

OAK has announced it will release OAK Plus, a new sports recovery drink with 30 grams of natural dairy milk protein for muscle recovery.

OAK has specifically formulated the drink, making it low in fat with reduced sugar and available in three flavours including chocolate, iced coffee, and vanilla.

OAK Marketing Director Angela Burr said many people already drink OAK after exercise because of its protein and nutritional benefits.

“OAK Plus tastes every bit as good as regular OAK but is designed specifically to refuel the body after a tough workout, with 30 grams of natural dairy protein for sustained energy and muscle recovery throughout the day,” she said.

Developed with professional footballers in mind, OAK Plus has partnered with the Penrith Panthers and Port Adelaide Football Club.

Oak Plus is available from locations around Australia including major grocers as well as all petrol and convenience stores.

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