Sprite campaign focuses on digital innovation

sprite-featureCoca-Cola South Pacific has announced the launch of Sprite’s new digitally led #needasprite summer campaign. The campaign plays up the fun and refreshing nature of the brand, helping young adults ‘cut through the heat’ in awkward situations by enabling them to maintain their cool with a Sprite.

In order to most effectively reach their target audience of young adults aged 16-29, the multi-million dollar #needasprite campaign will be the first to be primarily driven by digital innovation and new media technologies, including online video and digital displays. This will be supported by out-of-home and cinema advertising, which will feature prominent messaging around the role of refreshment.

In a first for the company, Sprite has developed 360 video content that brings to life an integrated Virtual Reality (VR) refreshment experience. The video shows a consumer in a situation where he needs to ‘cut through the heat’ before asking the audience to take over. It then transforms into a viewer-controlled experience where they are transported into Sprite’s VR world.

Social media content producer and influencer Jackson O’Doherty has also been engaged to help connect with Sprite’s audience by launching the Awkward Escapes’ series, which will be featured in Sprite videos across owned social platforms. The social influencer content will be backed up by native partnerships with Buzzfeed, Pedestrian and Junkee.

Sprite brand manager Ramona Spiteri said the launch of the #needasprite campaign in Australia will continue the company’s mission to take the brand in a new direction that puts digital innovation at the heart of its content.

“The innovations that are part of the #needasprite campaign, including our very first 360 VR video and collaboration with Google, are all designed to harness Sprite’s unique product and brand benefits and reignite its refreshment credentials with our target audience,” Ms Spiteri said.

“We are confident the approach will be a big hit and will mark the way forward for the brand in future.”

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