LeBron James for Sprite

Sprite TVC starring LeBron James

Coca-Cola Australia has launched its Sprite TVC featuring NBA star, LeBron James. The 30 second spot features LeBron showcasing the lemon-lime refreshment of Sprite on a hot summer’s day.

The LA Lakers superstar and Sprite ambassador is featured making a fun and light-hearted parody of celebrity endorsements. LeBron opens by saying: “I wouldn’t tell you to drink Sprite, even if I was in a commercial for Sprite, which I am!” before opting not to read a “Drink Sprite” cue card.

The TVC features LeBron saying that he wouldn’t tell someone to drink a Sprite no matter the circumstances. Instead, he would ask fans if they Wanna Sprite? – a line which forms the official campaign hashtag.

The LeBron spot will be screened nationally on television, cinema, online video and social media until the end of the year.

The TVC encourages fans to stay true to their love of the brand when they are looking for a hit of refreshment.

Sprite Brand Manager, Charlotte McCrudden, said: “LeBron James is global super star and we are very excited to be able to premiere our ‘Wanna Sprite?’ spot here in Australia for the first time.”

“With summer just around the corner, we have timed the launch in Australia with the aim of keeping Sprite top of mind for consumers when they are looking for a great tasting hit of lemon-lime refreshment over the hotter months,” she said.

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